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Oct 13, 2021
I have to say that I love ANC, but there's a really big concert that will render it unusable for me: the right Airpod is producing a low-frequency rumble, specially in noisy environments like traffic noise or inside the bus. This rumble does heart my eardrum, so I had to stop using ANC immediately (low frequencies are one of the most hurting ones). However, this does not happen on the left Airpod, nor while using Transparency mode or deactivated sound control altogether.
I'm going to take them to a reseller so they perform checks on it, but is this something that happens to any of you?



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Jun 25, 2010
I think these do not do a good job at higher frequencies anymore . I am sure they used to on day of release. Also when on the bus if I turn off anc the environment sounds like a loud hum but soon as I turn on anc it turns that hum into a hair dryer type sound which is very strange as it’s making the sound a higher pitch instead of cancelling it out and makes it worse.

Sure apple have caused a bug in the new update for this to happen.

Apart from that they do a good job at blocking out lower sounds but people speaking or the bus sounds there not great which is a shame as I use the his every day.

Maybe I need a new job that I need to stand next to a worker with a jack hammer as they seem to do a good job at that according to apple. Lol.
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