APP downloaded from U.S APP store deleted it now how to get it back ?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by augustya, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am caught in a fix here, need some help, can't figure out a way on how to get this going ? I had downloaded one APP which is, iTunes trailers which is available on website. As far as I remember till some days back in the APP store you need not have a U.S credit card to install a U.S Store APP only a U.S address used to work, but now I think Apple has tightened its security around this and has made this difficult. Now besides U.S address one also needs a U.S billing address Credit Card.

    But my question is, I had already downloaded this APP four years back so it is already in my purchased list so I am not trying to install it as new. So actually I should be able to install it as it is a lady in my downloaded/Purchased list but now it is asking me Change Store to U.S Store to even let it install from my already purchased list. I desperately want this APP what do I do now ? any suggestions? Calling for a dear help :-(( I really want it !!
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    Did you try changing to the U.S. store , logging in with your US id and attempting to download it? It's not going to let you download it from the non-US store since the app isn't available there.

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