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Jun 5, 2012
Rapid Tracker is the most feature rich app designed to address the growing need of security, safety and collaboration for individuals and businesses.

Besides tracking the location of your family/business members and message checkins, the app include many innovative collaboration features such as photo check-ins, photo sharing, geo-fencing, geo-tagging, in-app secure chat, location tagging etc. These features, which took about a year to develop, put the Rapid Protect Apps way ahead of its nearest competition in the location based mobile apps area.

Mobile apps on iPhone will work with our apps on other Mobile platforms. It means regardless of the phone type, mobile users will have an app ready to be installed.

Download this app: http://itunes.apple.com/in/app/rapidtracker/id508441139?mt=8

A lite version RapidTracker Lite is free and application for family member's tracking and communication in daily life.
RapidTracker lite is free and can be downloaded through :


A. Location Service

- Active Location Tracking: Rapid Tracker uses GPS Location services and tracks the exact location of your family members on a map. The support for non-GPS location is also available on selective basis.. This app will allow you to locate and protect your loved ones in time and prevent unfortunate incidents from taking place.

- Advanced Tracking Using GeoFencing and GeoPoints: A key feature of the personal tracking services is the password protect website control panel. When the person travels outside the Geofenced territory, an alert is immediately sent to a cell phone or email designated by the user. Similarly, you can set the geo-points like school and office etc. An alert is automatically sent when user reaches those points.

- Integrated Weather Alerts and Natural Disasters: It guarantees Peace of mind against natural disaster by providing time critical information of natural dangers such as snow and rain.

-Single Button Panic Alerts: Rapid Protect puts a Panic Button on your family member's cell phone. When they press the button an alert is immediately sent to the emergency contact listed in their profile. The alert with current location is sent as an email and text message, and via system dialed number (optional).

We recommend that if it is a life threatening situation you call 911 emergency services first and then use the panic button since emergency contact may not respond as fast as 911 services can and will.

- Integrated Sex Offender Search : If you need US Sex Offender search, we suggest use our RapidProtect App instead.

- Support For Multiple Phone Platforms: Mobile apps on IPhone will work with apps on other platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Brew and J2ME

- Web Access And Monitoring Interface: By doing a login in the system, you can see location of your family members, there check-ins information. Our web interface also let you set geo-points for them. The peace of mind knowing that your family is safe is worth in gold.

- Application can communicate with various other versions of RapidProtect Family like RapidProtect [premium version] and RapidTracker Lite [Free].

-Family Invitations - To download the app

B. Collaboration Features

- In-App Chat : Chat with any one with Gtalk account using secure Chat options. Chat from the app as and when you need.

- Photo Based Check-ins - No more text based message. Use photos to checkin your status on the system. Let others know where you are with real photos.

-Checkin History - We maintain your check-in history.

- Family Vault For Photo Sharing- No more posting of your private photos to insecure facebook and twitter in public. Let the private family photos remain truly private within the close family members.

- Social Media Integration - We have done the full social media integration. So if you post your photos or checkin in social media sites like facebook and twitter. You can do from inside of the app.

- More features coming soon.

Note: First purchase is valid up to 60 days of first registration and after that user is requested to subscribe the app through http://www.rapidprotect.net

Online free support is also provided through the website: http://www.rapidprotect.net

Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.
Please comments below with your suggestions and reviews.


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