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Mar 27, 2011
Ei fellas!!!

I have an ipod touch 3rd gen running with OS3 still. It's jailbreak with cydia and installous. From where I'm from you can have your device jailbreak for just under 10 USD.

My question is, I play angry birds, fieldrunners, tower madness and zombie cafe (all apps i decided to purchase legally via itunes), whenever i try to purchase any items within the game (like the eagle in angry birds, new maps and weapons in fieldrunners and tower madness and toxins in zombie cafe) a pop up message would tell me something like ... Invalid ... blah... blah... blah... sandbox environment... blah... blah... blah... (sorry can't remember the whole thing but it goes something like that).

Any idea what's causing that? I haven't upgraded the firmware cause "the guy" who jailbroke my ipod for me advised that you have to upgrade cydia and installlous to accept the new iOS4. In short since i don't know how to jailbreak, i'd have to bring it back to him and "pay" to have my device's firmware and jailbreak upgraded.

I'm even contemplating of restoring my device to unjailbreak it and re-install my purchase apps once again but i'm afraid all my scores and levels would be wiped out... any ideas also if i do this on how i can back-up my apps data?

I'm sorry for the long and dragging questions i've made but i'd really appreciate your help on this matter.
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