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    I am kinda of new to this, but have figured out my way around using Filezilla, and have been putting together my own theme for winterboard.

    Everything has worked great, except for a few apps i need Icon for. Mostly just to make them a bit smaller to match the rest of my icons.

    I have found the app folders under /private/var/mobile/applications

    But the "icon.png" there, or any png's for that matter are just blank when i copy them over to my Mac, or even just try to view them from Filezilla. So i do not know what to do from here. I have managed to save the iTunes artwork and convert them to png, so i could doctor those up a bit to use.

    Does anyone know why the "icon.png" are blank? I can save them, but its just a white background. No actual image.

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    I use, a free program to create my own icons... You can see a few of them in these pics... I use one size for the Springboard and another for the doc. I use the "Magic wand" to outline/ remove the "box" around the image/ icon... I redid the Phone and iPod icons on my dock... And a few of my Categories icons...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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