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    I'm (very happily) running a jailbroken iPhone 6 on 8.1.2. I've got it set up just the way I want with some fantastic Cydia apps & tweaks. Everything works perfect.

    Until quite recently I've had no regrets about not upgrading (and missing the small windows) to re-jailbreak. The problem is now that more and more apps are requiring iOS 9 or higher. A couple of which are now required by my organization.

    I assume I already know the (no) answer, but thought I'd at least try - is there any way to fool the iOS compatibility test for these apps?
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    Feb 9, 2017
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    There is a method, but it's dangerous and won't gain you anything. It involves changing your iOS version number which you can do by editing a certain plist file. I'm not sure which one as I have NEVER tried this.

    The problem with doing this is that if your device reboots before you change the system version back - you're hosed. There won't even be a recoverable boot loop. The device will just flat out refuse to boot. There might be a way back if you can SSH into the device and change the version number back but it's tricky.

    As for the part where it won't gain you anything I simply mean this. If you can successfully fool the App store and download the latest version of the app you will find out that it won't run.

    You can tap on it, then the app will immediately quit. Why? Because it's counting on the latest iOS APIs and frameworks and since you only spoofed a version number you don't have those installed. So the app won't launch.

    So, again, while there is a method there is nothing to be gained by it.
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    I guess I have a partial solution. The method Cjmcgiv referenced does indeed work. But only if an app is old enough to pre-date iOS 9 and/or 10. Otherwise there's not an older version to be had.

    Thanks for your responses!
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    I think I will stay away from this method! :)

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