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    Jan 8, 2014

    I am new to iPads. Have had an iPad air for Christmas and I am finding one big issue, I am searching for apps that I know exist and nothing coming up for them or I am clicking to install an app from a website (eg. Sky go) and all I get is a white empty box over the App Store screen..

    I cannot find why or what I can do about it and getting very frustrated..please enlighten me!!!!
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    You are looking in the wrong place. Apps on websites are typically either computer apps or flash based web apps, neither of which work on an iPad! iPhone etc.

    To get apps you need to go to the App Store which is accessed via an icon on the iPad (blue with an A that looks like it was made out of a rule, brush etc)

    I suggest the first app you get is the free iBooks app. Then from inside that app go to its store and search for 'iPad user guide for iOS 7’. Get it, read it. Many questions will be answered right there
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    Actually Sky TV has or had a service called Sky Go. Their website opens showing iPhone / IPad and was linked to the ITunes / App,Store. The app apparently has been pulled and is no longer available. That is the reason nothing happens on that site.

    Normally it would take you to the App, you would download it, register for that service and all would be good.

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