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    Aug 22, 2003
    I took delivery of a new 5k iMac two weeks ago. I set it up as new, signed into iCloud and was all set. My mail inbox loaded, iMessage logged in and picked up all history, FaceTime etc. All as expected. Yes I needed some two step verification but only once.

    Today I took delivery of a new rMB. I restored it from a Time Capsule backup of my MacBook Air on 10.10.3. It asked me to log back into iCloud etc - which I did. But, it then asked me to set up app specific passwords for a bunch of native Apple apps (FT, iMessage etc.) Plus it screwed up my Keychain access on my iPhone and Ipad.

    WTF!? I was asked to do the two step verification, which I did, but that does nothing to address the problem. Insists on app specific passwords.

    Again, two weeks ago I didn't need it.

    This seems completely random? Anyone got any ideas?
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    Aug 22, 2003

    Guys does no one have any color on this? I ended up just setting the app specific passwords since I seemed to have no choice. But rebooted just now (two days later) and it is asking me to set up app specific passwords again :mad:
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    i also have this happening when i disable iMessage on my iPhone and re-enable it. all of the sudden its asking for a app specific password. not sure whats causing it cuz it didnt ask for one after the initial set up
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    New Device requires re-entry or entry of App-specific passwords

    My understanding is this: When you get a new device, and sign into iCloud, you will need to verify the device on another trusted device (usually your iPhone). Then you will need to enter app-specific passwords on any apps that require it, including iMessage. If you saved your prior app-specific passwords, you can use those. Otherwise, you will need to set up new app-specific passwords. You can have multiple app-specific passwords for each application, so this should not screw up your services on other devices. You just cannot exceed the total number of app-specific passwords that Apple allows per account. (I don't recall the number, but it is high enough for most).

    Unfortunately, I have not found any way to retrieve any app-specific passwords. So when you set one up, if you want to use it everywhere, you will need to save it in an encrypted password manager, such as eWallet.

    Hope this helps.
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