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Jun 26, 2003
I have an iCloud account which I use for email. My Apple ID is actually "username"

I've been trying to set up Outlook and Postbox for email, but am having no luck. For my iCloud username, I'm entering the full "username" into Outlook, and just "username" in Postbox (as per the Postbox instructions). I go to the Apple Security site and generate an app-specific password, as I have two-factor authentication.

However, neither Outlook nor Postbox are accepting my login. Both just come back with "login failed".

Has anybody successfully set up either of these two mail apps while using two-factor authentication on their iCloud email?


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Apr 27, 2003
The only reason for an "app-specific password" is if the app uses iCloud. Try entering your regular Apple ID password and see if that works. I realize that you're technically using iCloud for your email address, but humor me and try. I'm not sure it will work, but worth trying.
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