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Oct 21, 2009
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Halp? When I try to launch the app store in Mavericks, it takes about 5 min to open. The first 2 min it's simply unresponsive (no window), and the next couple minutes, it's got a window open but beachballed. When the beachballing ends, clicking any button on the toolbar does nothing, and opening menus on the menu bar results in more beachballing.

I've tried repairing permissions and removing the app store preferences plist, the application updates plist (from Application Support), and the app store and storeagent caches... to no avail.

Any ideas short of reinstalling OS X?
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Jan 1, 2008
Any ideas short of reinstalling OS X?

Check for network problems? I do not have any problem opening the application, but I notice that it does not really do anything until it talks on the network. If you had network issues, I could see how that might make the app look broken.

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