App Store "Updates" are older versions of app

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    Mar 5, 2009
    I am getting app updates in the App Store that are older versions than what I currently have installed. For example, an update for Fieldrunners is shown to version 1.2.1 when I already have 1.2.2 installed. It is trying to update to an older version.

    The list of updates varies anything from 1 to 12 apps, and changes as I browse the store. At one moment it may be 1 app and then it is a different number. Every one of the offered 'updates' are older versions than what I have.

    If I simply select "update all" I see the progress bar on each app icon as if it downloads and installs that older version, but the result is that I still have the current version of the app. Later, the same 'update' with the older version comes up again in the App Store (it's in a loop).

    3G iphone with current 2.2.1 firmware
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    Mar 5, 2009

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