App that allows Digital Zoom in video mode for Iphone 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by paulyd0021, Oct 18, 2011.

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    I've been searching the internet for the last day trying to find an app that will allow you to zoom in video mode. I've tried several but all of them are not suited for the 4S, they resize the image all the way down to 480p or 720p but no 1080p. Not having an optical zoom is of course expected, but not having the option to zoom in digitally is something I've never experienced before on a phone. Granted I'm a new iPhone user. Does anyone know of a recently updated or new app that can add zoom functionality to video recording mode?
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    So I guess thats a no :( Hopefully they'll come out with something someday. I'm coming from the Nokia N8 which not only had zoom in video mode but it had intelligent zoom where it could just crop in on the image sensor with out loosing quality. Much better than digital zoom. But I think that may have only been possible because it has a 12MP camera sensor. It would be amazing to see something like that on the 4S.
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    Zoom Recorder

    check out this app, which does exactly what you need

    Zoom Recorder lets you zoom in and zoom out in real time when recording videos.
    You can record awesome videos in FULL HD quality (1080p) with smooth zooming on your iPhone 4S.
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