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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by nuinta, May 14, 2013.

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    May 14, 2013
    I need an app for ipad, i would like to sync to iphone, and share with two other users. I need to create a calendar or spreadsheet to keep track of employee hiring by the day - to be sure we have enough staff (7 people per day). Ideally I would like the day to indicate by color if we have booked enough people (green) or still need to hire more (red). I would also like to make notes per day, ie, which employees i have already contacted but are unable to work, so that I don't just keep contacting same people. I would prefer something with a cut copy paste so that on the majority of days i could just input our regular employees quickly and easily instead of having to manually input each one, each day.

    And i would love it if it would automatically update and sync across devices, instead of having to be saved and uploaded to a dropbox/google docs type of platform.

    I have started trying to make something like this with Numbers, but it doesn't sync across users unless i utilize dropbox/google docs, and frankly, i'm worried about ending up using an old / non updated version of the file and making mistakes.

    Thanks for any help or direction you can send me!
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    Have you tried using the calendar? There are plenty of services that let you share calendars. Setup a calendar called "Employee" share to the people you want. They can see and update as needed. Calendar updates automatically.

    Or saving the spreadsheet to a cloud service so everyone can look and update it in the cloud as needed? Just need to make sure nobody moves or deletes the file. I know you have said that you have used this, but there has to be a repository of sorts in order for others to access the files and/or update them. Keep the file in the cloud and save it in the cloud. This way you are not saving, then uploading it to the cloud.

    You could also use google docs to achieve this. Again, saving to the cloud instead of saving to the desktop and then uploading.

    By using a spreadsheet with some custom coding you can create the color scheme you are looking to do. I have not used numbers, but I am assuming it can do this basic formatting. If not, try MS Excel which I know can.

    You didn't say if there needed to be a desktop version also.

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