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    TMX Assistant 1.0.1

    TMX Assistant is a supplementary OS X tool for translators and anyone who works with translation memories (TMX files). It contains two basic modules: TMX Library and TMX Editor. The Library makes it easy to store and search projects containing many TMX files. The Editor can be used to maintain translation memories, make global changes and export them in TMX, TXT or CSV format.

    You can use Blacklist to specify "forbidden" words and expressions. Filter makes it easy to find different translations for the same source, not translated units, or empty ones.

    The Inspector window gives a quick access to notes and other translation unit data in TMX files, so TMX Assistant might also prove useful for those who need to check certain additional data embedded in translation memories (document titles, file paths, etc.)

    More information about TMX Assistant and its features can be found at:

    Direct link to the Mac App Store:


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