App to auto ftp files dropped to a folder(URGENT)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by pjny, Nov 5, 2016.

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    I need an app that will automatically ftp any incoming images(JPG) to a monitored folder.

    My camera is connected via ethernet cable to the laptop and will be feeding images that need to be automatically ftp'd to our office.

    Need an app that won't have a problem with handling about 5-10 incoming images every couple of seconds.

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    This combination of Wappwolf and IFTT looks like it will do the job for you. I did it programatically in Windows/Python before I retired, but the set up here looks pretty straightforward.
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    I had FolderFtpyears ago and it fit the bill except it is pc only. I really hope there is one because that would be a godsend for my workflow:

    FolderFTP automates the process of transferring files from a local computer or network to a remote FTP server.

    FolderFTP allows you to monitor any folder on a local hard drive or server, and automatically upload new files to an FTP server. This can be useful for backup purposes or for transferring files (text and images, for example) to a web server or a picture desk.

    Using FolderFTP 2.0, you can even tag photos in-camera, and have the tagged photos automatically transmitted as soon as the card is inserted into the pc (card reader). Photographers can automatically add IPTC info to their JPEG image files before transmission.

    Once a file is added to the folder being monitored, the program will open an FTP connection to the remote server and upload the new file(s). The program can automatically assign a unique name to all files that are uploaded, ensuring that no files on the remote server are overwritten and lost. You can also send automatic e-mail messages to inform the recipient(s) - or yourself - that new files have been uploaded.

    You can also drag and drop files into the FTP queue to manually upload files.
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    Look at Automator on Mac...It can do this as well.

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