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    I like to control my computers at home from the internet, but my IP is dynamic. The best solution I can think of is an application which runs on a computer on my network at home and monitors the external IP for any changes (such as after the cable modem reboots, etc.). Is there an application that can send the new IP address to me via email (or something similar)? Thanks! :)
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    Bumping a SUPER OLD TREAD to help others

    I had this problem so I googled it and found this page, and since this page is in the search results I must not be the only one who has clicked it.
    I made an FREE app that will atomically upload your dynamic ip to an FTP server, just leave the app running when you go away and it will continue to check and upload. Get the app and my other apps on my page (The page will be up as soon as DNS starts resolving): if the link is broke check my twitter page at the top where it says website I'll have a mediafire link:

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