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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by InvalidUserID, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Hello all,

    I have a TiVo HD (Series 3) that I'm attempting to move movies off to an external HDD as it is filling up and I'd like to keep my old programs. I have Roxio's Toast 8 Titanium and tried a couple times to use the "TiVo Transfer" program but keep running into problems.

    The problem that I run into is that the program will only download part of file, not the complete file. I don't know if the problem is with the program or perhaps I have the network set up incorrectly? I have the TiVo connected via ethernet cord to my Airport Extreme and the external HD connected via USB also to the Airport Extreme. I've also tried connecting the TiVo & HDD directly to the MacBook (OSX 10.5.6) with the same results as well as downloading directly to the MacBook's HDD...same thing.

    TiVo Transfer "sees" the TiVo fine along with all the video files it just has problems downloading the complete file. I've looked up previous posts relating to TiVo here but most are 3-4 years old and I'm hopeful someone has had some success with moving the movies off the TiVo with another app perhaps that works with a Series 3.

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    Hmmmm - Is your External HD for the TIVO or your MB?

    I've had problems before like you describe, due to bad wireless connection - But that seems to have no bearing on you.

    Keep everything connected as in your first setup, except take the HDD out of the equation - Try another Ethernet cable, since the files are downloading partially I don't think you have a router/port problem - Download a 1/2 hour program directly to your computer and see if that works.

    If your external is for your TIVO storage, ensure it is plugged into the back of the unit.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I bought the external solely for my TiVo videos.

    I considered that perhaps it was the wireless connection that was interrupting the transfer which is why I used a USB cable from the Mac to the Airport Extreme. Didn't help...

    I haven't tried plugging the external directly into the TiVo and I haven't tried another ethernet cable so I will try that.

    Scotty, thanks for the link! I'll check that out as well!
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    how did you get on with itivo? I'm trying it now and it's working fine, although I'm alarmed by the transfer speeds (a one hour SD show is taking an hour and a half). Does anyone know if these transfer speeds are the norm or should I invest in Toast?
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    I'm curious the specs on your system.

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