app to make previews of vids and export as web page, help!!!!

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    Sep 4, 2008
    Hi all!

    I am trying to make a list of the videos that i have shot with my digital 1Tb is almost full, so you can understand that is not that easy as looking into a folder with the big thumbnails :)

    this is the expectation: to find an app that can

    -create a preview of each video (qt, mov, m4v, wmv, avi, rm, etc)
    -create few frames that shows the content of the video
    -export the list of movies as web page, with the title of the video and the snapshot for each of them

    Do you know if there is any way to achieve this result, without making manually everything?

    I've found a software on pc, taht i can use with parallels, but it takes just 1 shot of the video, and not multiple, with the result that is hard to get what is in the video, especially when the video is 10-15 min long, and the name doesn't help to recall what was happening in that video :(

    Thanks in advance..i am desperate!!!! X_X
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    Sep 4, 2008

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