App to send SMS-like alerts between iphones?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by hscottm, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I'll admit it, I am cheap and do not want to pay for a texting plan since I do not send very many per month (less than 10). My wife and I both are teachers, and in lieu of making a phone call for something short and brief (or sending an e-mail) that would interrupt class, I would like to be able to send an SMS-like message to her iphone from mine - or vice versa. We have lots of friends with iphones also so I guess it would be nice to do the same with them.

    Ideally it would work just like a real SMS on the iphone, which causes a push notification and a buzz or beep alerting me that it arrived. This last part is important since we might be teaching, but if its important enough we might want to read it (i.e., "you have to leave when class is over and pick up the kids"). Also would like to avoid having to read e-mail for such a message.

    I have been investigating options, but keep finding hitches.

    Skype app - no push. Darn, would otherwise be perfect I think. What's wrong with those guys?

    Third party "Skype push" app - seems to need to actually run on my laptop to send the alert, by my laptop isnt always open.

    Nimbuzz - great app, but it "logs out" after a while. Ok because the app keeps running, but a PUSHed alert after the signout just "appears" on the screen and is not accompanied by a vibrate or sound - no way to change that setting. Darn.

    Yahoo messenger - seems to fit the bill, but seems to only work with yahoo. Not the end of the world but I have enough chat accounts as is.

    .. Bottom line - which apps am I missing that might fit the bill? We dont need fancy features. Is there really no obvious solution?

    Sincere thanks on any replies.
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    Meebo. I prefer beejive, but meebo is free.

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    Make yourself and your wife (and even your friends) a favor and read about WhatsApp, pay .99 twice and send SMS, MMS, and even Audio Notes for free for ever.

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    or Ping, me and a few mates use that, i think its more or less the same at whatapp, but i like it more. its 59p(UK)/99c(US)!/Ping!.html
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    I would just get TEXTNOW .

    You can use it just like native SMS with your contacts, without having anyone else install or buy apps, unless they want to. I use it to text all my contacts on "dumbphones" and it works just the same. Of course if they bought the app too they you text back and forth for free.

    Hello! is a nice new app too for iphone to iphone texting.
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    all - thanks for these other thoughts - I will check some of those out. been using yahoo messenger and its working fine, but I know basically noone else who uses it - its fine for us though.

    re: the poster who said just to get an SMS plan, fair point on paying by message. just that I anticipate we'd "text more" with this chat-like SMS available. knowing I have to pay 50 cents for an SMS makes me call instead right now, even when SMS would be fine. again, totally fair point by you.
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    Textplus works - texts people without iphones too!

    Personally, I usually use Ping! - its just great.

    Facebook messaging can work too, because Facebook has push built-in.
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