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Jul 13, 2008
Los Angeles, Ca
I have over 30gbs of Music and it’s stored on a folder on my external hard drive. Some albums have artwork, most don’t. Some albums are listed in correct order, most aren’t.
Does an app for MacOS exist where I can assign this kind of info to my music on my external hard drive and just easily then add it to my new MBP and easily plug in my iPhone and boom I’m ready to go?

I live out of my hard drive and usually get a new Mac about every 3 years so having organized and sorted album info on my external hard drive is super important, more important than having it on my Mac since I never do the Transfer to New Mac option.


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Jun 20, 2009
New Mexico
I keep most of my music on my FiiO HD player and use an app called "" to add cover art, edit and add meta data, etc. I'm still using High Seirra, but according to the Applications repost under "System Report" is is 64 bit compatible so "should" (I think) work with the latest OS.

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Aug 28, 2012
Between the coasts
iTunes is not dead, it's just separated into pieces. The Music app still has all the familiar iTunes music-management capabilites.

Is that music on the external drive in an iTunes Library? If so, the Music app will still open that library, and you can use the Music app to add album art, change track numbering and sequencing, and other info, as always.

If it's not an iTunes library, you could use the Music app's Add to Library feature to import it all. Among other things, Music > File > Get Album Artwork will try to automatically find and assign album artwork when there is none, and you can also add it manually via Music > Song > Info...

Still, iTunes/Music apps features have never fully satisfied some folks' needs, and there may be some apps out there that you may find more satisfying.
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