App to stream audio from Mac to iPhone?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by M-5, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Alright, so I like to watch content on my MacBook Pro like Netflix or YouTube, but I'd like to be able to play the audio from my Bose Sounddock.

    I used to be able to simply connect my computer to the sounddock with an Aux cable, but I accidentally tripped over the wire once about a year ago causing the sounddock's aux input to break, and that method hasn't worked since.

    So I figured I could just connect my iPhone to the sounddock in the dock connector and simply stream over the audio from my Mac to it over Wifi. I found an iPhone app called "AirPhones" that appears to do just that, but their latest version apparently has a bug that causes it not to function properly. So I was simply wondering if anyone else knows of another app that would be able to do this for me.
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    Try ZumoCast, it's definitely free at least ;)
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    I think ZumoCast actually streams the media to the phone though, and I really just need the audio to stream so that I can still watch a movie on my MacBook but have the audio come out of the SoundDock.

    I actually just tried the AirPhones lite version, since the paid version of the app still has to be fixed, and it appears to be working well. What sucks is that I live on-campus and use the internet here, and so my computer and phone can't connect to each other through Wi-Fi, since I'm guessing it's a really large network. I was able to have my phone and computer connect through an ad hoc connection, and that's how I got AirPhones to work, but then I'm not able to use the internet on my computer since it's connected to the phone instead of the wifi network.
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    It doesn't matter. It'll stream what you want it to stream. If you want to stream audio it'll stream audio. It has nothing to do with playing movie on your mbp.
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