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    Hii guys, Sorry if this question is repetitive but I could not find an accurate answer for it.

    I have setup a media library to be accessed from any device in my network. It works for my tv for music, video and images. For my ios devices I use VLC for music and videos and it works great too. Now I want to know about any app(hopefully free) that can help me view the images on my network library.

    I dont want to upload images to any servers or clouds (Its a 150gb collection), I just need to access them over wifi.

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    Jul 4, 2014
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    l recommend Air photos/airphotoviewer or plex.Unfortunately both are paid apps.

    Air photos has a couple of more options on setting the quality of images and sizes of thumbnails in the interface.It's rather simplistic,but works very well.

    Plex is all-encompassing.It does much more stuff but l prefer air photos for image browsing since it sees folders and directories like the file explorer on a pc.Plex just dumps all the pictures together in one place (then you can sort by name,year etc) so if you have categorised by folders it's tough to find what you're looking for.

    Last year when l was looking l think l found some free app but it was pretty barebones.Didn't have thumbnail view,slideshow,slow when quickly flipping through images...You could also try xbmc if you 're jailbroken but l have no idea if it's any good for pics.
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