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    TotalTrainer 2.1.0


    The simplest way to have your training sheet up-to-date and ready to use!
    Now you can control each exercise in real time. You can set the repetitions, the weight, interval between the exercises with sound alerts. You can have a resume of your daily workout and measure your corporal fat index with few steps!
    This is a great tool for either casual, new and professional trainers to obtain the best results on your training.
    The exclusive functions on TotalTrainer:

    - Chronometer to mark the total daily training' s time and the intervals between the exercises with sound alerts;
    - Voice message informing your next exercise
    - Next serie's information with the repetitions and correspondent weight;
    - Complete Physical evaluation with corporal fat index, measured by Jackson & Pollock Protocol (3 folds)
    - Listed exercises by muscle groups
    - History of past trainings, with weight evolution comparisons;
    - History of evaluations, with percentage comparisons of mass.

    And soon, more news with total integration on Runkeeper network and much more that will take your workout to next level!
    The individual version of Total Trainer is available on AppleStore. Great App from amateurs to professionals.


    TotalTrainer Enterprise

    The Total Trainer Enterprise is destinated to Gyms and Professionals. With Total Trainer Enterprise will be able to monitor the training of your students and adjust them as well through your iPad or Android tablet. Managing your students will never be the same: simple, fast and all on the reach of a click!
    With a simple click you will have:
    - more than 5 physical evaluation protocols (Jackson & Pollock - 7 folds, Jackson & Pollock - 3 folds, Guedes and more)
    - The history of Physical Evaluation, Corporal fat loss, the gain of mass, all performed trainings with best individual performance and weight per exercise. Showing the evolution of each student.
    - Each physical evaluation will be sent by email and pop up for each student.
    - You can send group or individual messages for your students
    - Controls the frequency of each student by Total Trainer
    - Facebook integration
    Total Trainer Enterprise costs per student. The plans start with R$5.90 month and you will be able to orient and evaluate your students.
    Contact us about special versions.
    Contact us by email: vendas@solution4mac.com.br

    Version : 2.1.0

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    TotalTrainer 2.1.0

    Price : FREE until 2014/03/27

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