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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Apps' started by TheIntruder, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I'm trying to determine how Watch apps are updated.

    Since they are "installed" on the Watch, I'm assuming there are components in the Watch memory that need to be updated.

    Do Watch apps update themselves each time an app is updated on the phone?

    If "Automatic App Install" is disabled, do they still update themselves?

    I like to retain some measure of control over updates, and the Apple article suggests that that setting must be enabled for Watch apps to automatically update. I'd rather not install the watch complications for all the apps I have on my phone.

    The "Show App" language seems to imply that, like the native apps on iOS 10, every app is automatically loaded on the Watch anyway, but just hidden if the user "deletes" them. Is that that case?
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    If you have Automatic App Install disabled and you update an app on your iPhone that's also on your Watch, the Watch app will still update without you needing to do anything else. You can see this on the Watch app on your iPhone as an updated third party app will move from Installing to Installed.
    So Automatic App Install isn't necessary for Watch apps to be updated.
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