App updates are....sporadic.

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by jcde7ago, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Aug 4, 2008
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    So i noticed this last week, where i would hit the "Updates" option when in the iPhone AppStore and it would say "All Apps Up To Date," but then subsequent presses of the Update button (anywhere from 1 to 10 times) would yield App updates that weren't even available yet on the iTunes AppStore, but sure enough, many hours later they show up on the iTunes Appstore when i had already updated on my phone.

    Case in point, tonight, using the iPhone AppStore i hit Update, no updates were available, hit Update a few more times and got Update notifications for Google Mobile App (version 0.1.414), MobileFinder (version 1.0.1), TapTap Revenge (version 1.2) and Wikipanion (version 1.1). These are all of course updated versions of these Apps, but they don't even show up yet on iTunes, no matter how often i click, "Check for Updates."

    Is there any reasoning as to why we have to mash "Update" multiple times in order to retrieve app updates on the iPhone AppStore, or why these updates don't show through iTunes yet show up through the phone first? :confused:
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    My guess is that it takes a while for update information to propagate and synchronize across all of iTunes' servers. So one server might tell you that an app has an update, but then the request for the update goes to another server that doesn't know about it yet.

    The moral of the story is just hit the update button once and be patient. All of the updates should show up in there eventually.
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    I know this is sort of off topic and all, but what's with google's version number? Their old one, in case you guys didn't know, was 1337 (leet ;))

    What does 0.1.414 signify? They even specifically state the new version has "minor enhancements to the version number".... Why would they put that there unless it stood for something, right? :confused:

    Once again, sorry to partially hijack this thread. I'm just curious... :eek:

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