App/Website for archiving old contacts?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by dingdongbubble, Feb 27, 2013.

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    So I have a bunch of contacts that I would like to keep but the rest of them I dont need any time soon, if ever. So is there some website or app where I can store my old contacts and if I ever need a contact again I can search for it on the app/website? I just want to get rid of the clutter in my address book but not completely get rid of the old contacts. If such an app/website does not exist what could I do 'manually'? I was thinking of storing them all in a spreadsheet so I could search them. But then typing each one out will be a bit a hassle.
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    Search the App Store for the word VCARD and you will find several free apps that will allow you to export your address book as a VCARD file. If you want you can just save that somewhere as it contains all your contacts.

    Then use this site to convert the VCARD file to a CSV file which you can import into any spreadsheet program to manipulate.

    You could also import the VCARD file to most online email services like GMail or Outlook and view it there.

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