App where I can choose "Email", point my camera to a text, and it detects and copy the emails there.

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by madsylar, May 3, 2018.

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    Wouldn't that be super useful? Not only with email, but website URLs too. For example, you would choose "website", point your camera to a printed page with a URL in it and it would automatically copy to the clipboard the website it parses.

    Other thigns might include address, street names, phone numbers, sequence of more than 5 numbers on the same line etc.

    I had this idea after seeing a long URL for a video with assembly instructions for a product I bought, and thinking how long it'll take for me to type all of that.
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    It’s called a qr code

  3. NoBoMac, May 4, 2018
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    This is not making much sense, due to if you have an iOS device, and in title example, have your email setup on it, you just need to go to Mail. And then click the link to the website. Or select the link text, copy, paste into browser of choice. And so on for just about anything else that is on the phone, tablet.

    That said, there are apps out there that do OCR scanning. And Apple's own Notes program can scan anything you point the camera at (I use it for a document scanner: have not turned on my 3-in-1 printer to scan anything in a long time).

    ADD: can also do screen grabs with the phone. Zoom the screen to center on only section you want, or can crop, if needed.

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