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Discussion in 'iMac' started by CBlakeston, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I have an iPhone 5, MacBook Pro, iPad 3, hell read my signature, and I'm not shy about singing Apple's praises. Most of my friends have slowly gotten iPhones and last month I got a surprise phone call from one of my oldest friends saying he's thinking about buying a Mac.

    a few days later a shiny new 21" iMac arrived. I helped him set it up and put all his iTunes on it. He loved it. Especially as PC owning friends had told him ridiculous things like he needed to buy VLC player?Anyway, fast forward to last weekend and at a party at his I show him how to bring up the the iTunes planet screensaver when he's playing music and BAM. For the first time we notice a stuck pixel clear as day in the middle right.

    I don't think it was there before, but it's there now. We tried the flashing colour GIF thing to try and shake it loose but no joy. I assured him Apple would swap it right out. Especially as a friend had just called Apple about the paint rubbing of his black iPhone 5 and they had a new one (a white one too, he asked to change colour) shipped to him within 48hrs.

    He's been working around the clock this week, but today after a night shift he called Apple at 9am. He said he spoke to an american guy who said they couldn't do anything and because he bought it from Comet he had to return it there and get a new one..

    He returned it to comet where they said he had to call a different Apple number to authorise the exchange. When he did, he said the person on the phone said they had no record of him calling that morning - despite one of the first things they said being "Hello Mr XXX. Are you still having the dead pixel trouble"

    They went on to say that to check whether the dead pixel was hardware or software he would have to take it to an authorised repair centre across town. They would confirm the problem and then they would authorise the exchange with Comet.

    Taking it to the repair place. They said that it has to have 4 dead pixels or more to be classed as a fault and to take it back to Comet.

    Arriving back at Comet. They said they can't give him a new one now because Apple have said it isn't a problem he's stuck with it.

    At this point I suggested he just get his money back under the 14 day no questions return policy. But as we didn't notice it the problem till the weekend and he was working until today. it is now day 17.

    I've run out of things to suggest. I don't understand how one friend can ring Apple with a cosmetic problem on a phone and have one shipped to him within 48hrs and another with a more severe problem gets the run around and treated like crap.

    Apple support have always been fantastic with me. When I had a problem with a bluetooth keyboard I bought I called at 4pm one day and they had a new one with me by 9am the next day.

    It's worth mentioning our nearest Apple store is in Sheffield, over an hours drive away. I'd like to think if we had an Apple store nearer this wouldn't have been such an issue.

    Can anyone suggest anything else?
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    I'm sorry I can't give advices, but the only suggestion that comes to my mind (for future reference obviously) is to buy Apple stuff at Apple Stores ... I noticed with all my iDevices bought there I've never had problems with customer assistance, while friends buying stuff in non Apple places have always difficulties to get proper help ...
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    As has already been suggested, purchase from Apple directly. First time buyers getting Apple products from third party resellers are simply shorting themselves when they do. The user has 90 days of free AppleCare, persist on the issue by calling, if still no luck request the phone number for customer care and explain the issue. Being polite, having all the facts straight (including case numbers, names, dates, places) and being persistent helps. If you are short or in any way impolite don't be surprised at the outcome.
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    Call on the phone. I generally have more luck calling AppleCare then going into a apple store.
  5. Puevlo macrumors 6502a

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    Outrageous. They can't just give you an iMac with faulty pixels and expect you to live with it. Demand results.
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    Is there a direct number for UK Apple Care? I appreciate the help but it's a little unfair to put it on him because he bought it at the 'wrong store' :/


    He's been doing that. Since this morning driving back and forth across the city on his only day off carrying an iMac around town. They're not small or light either, lol. He's pissed and just wants basic customer service without being told to drive somewhere or be passed on to someone else.
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    Mar 11, 2012
  8. Swordylove macrumors 6502a


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    I have an experience with stuck pixel on my first Mac ever - an iBook. There was 1 or 2 in the middle of the screen. I had to argue with the Apple guy on phone before he finally asked me to bring it to this specific Authorized Service Provider. At the location, the ASP guy there tried to argue with me again before I mention the name of the Apple guy that I called earlier, who he knew. I eventually got my iBook's display replaced.

    Don't swallow the BS they tell you that it is normal to have 1 or 2 dead/stuck pixels (or up to 15 like in the link above :eek:). It is a manufacturing defect. If it's really normal, they should've mentioned it in the specifications. Persistently insist on getting it replaced, but remain polite. I think you can bring them to court if they still refuse to replace the display with a perfect one (at least I know I can in my country).
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    I don't see how this is Apple's problem as your post suggests many times. You bought from a third party that do not play nice. Did you read their policies before buying? Did you not do a thorough check of the computer after buying? If it took you 17 days to notice this 'issue', is it really that important?

    I understand your frustration, but you're not accepting any responsibility here either.

    Make a genius appointment, pack up the computer and bring it to the store. Be cool with the staff, more than likely they will help you out regardless of what they told you on the phone.

    Apple is a HUGE company now. I have had similar experiences as you. 1 in 5 times I will get someone telling me they can't help me or give me misinformation. I usually try a different route and it gets taken care of no problem.
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    As an employee at a 3rd party Apple Authorized Reseller Store, I hate to see things like this happen. I can understand why the reseller your friend purchased the iMac from will not return the product as I have dealt with similar situations myself.

    When it comes to Apple vs Apple Reseller policies, when the reseller purchases the computer either direct from Apple or distribution, it (in Layman's terms) belongs to the reseller at that point. Resellers are not easily able to return Apple products once they've been ordered/shipped/delivered, once you hit that confirm order button its yours until the end user purchases it.

    In the eventuality that a product is DOA or faulty in some manner at the time of purchase through the reseller, (reseller return policies aside as they do vary) it is the end purchaser/user's responsibility (as per EULA and Apple Reseller policies) to claim warranty directly through AppleCare.

    The bottom line is, it is an APPLE product with exactly the same warranty as one purchased through Apple. My company's policy when it comes to defective Apple products, is to offer the customer the option to have one of our technicians or sales people contact AppleCare and resolve issues on their behalf.

    In any case, do not take no for an answer. This is a manufacturing fault, therefore Apple being the manufacturer is obligated to resolve the issue one way or another as it is under their warranty whether they like it or not.

    EDIT: I should also mention, being a desktop, iMacs under AppleCare (extended or complimentary) have on-site service coverage. So if you were to phone in to AppleCare you'd save yourselves a lot of running around back and forth between the Apple Store & Comet ;)
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    Not totally correct, read the AppleCare agreement! It states that an AASP must be within 50 miles of where the machine is located in order to be eligible for on-site care. In a state like Alaska that may be very difficult. Also on-site care must be requested by the consumer, it's far from automatic.
  12. Swordylove macrumors 6502a


    Apr 23, 2012
    If the 3rd party he bought from is an Apple Authorized Reseller, then it is Apple's problem. Regardless of how long it takes to notice it, it's still a manufacturing defect and does not render it unimportant.

    Exactly. And err on-site service? Are you sure? Where does it say that? Every iMac AppleCare story I've read requires the customer to either bring it to the nearest Store / Service Centre or have it picked up by courier.

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