Apparently this is how AT&T is tracking tethering

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    I dont know about mywi, but tetherme uses the phone APN for tethering. Even people who use the commcenter hack with a custom ipcc usually set it up to use the phone APN. So I'm pretty sure that's not how AT&T is tracking tethering. That is how they *used* to do it back in the days before smart phones though. (phone AP would use data from dataplan, while tethering APN would result in paying for every kb)
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    I know on O2's settings plist, there is a seperate APN set for tethering data to the standard one for mobile data (The standard APN is, and the tethering is - from Phil A.).

    An easy work around is go into that plist, find the APN settings and delete all other entries apart from the standard mobile APN one... then change the typemask integer from 7 to 55 to enable tethering. You need the commcenter hack though.


    Working for me on O2, and my bill doesn't show the tethering APN ever making a connection, just
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    You are correct that O2 have a separate APN for tethering, but it's ( is the one for non-iphone smartphones). I have official tethering on my O2 contract and they do separate out the usage between the two APNs. If you have a tethering app that doesn't change the APN then you will get caught in very short order!

    I'm pretty sure that AT&T use various methods to catch unauthorised tethering: the easiest one is the APN which will catch all the low hanging fruit, but I think they'll go for more complex methods once they've finished with that.
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    not correct, seems like a ploy for people to buy a specific app.

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