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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Bending Pixels, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Hi - My name is Charles and I'm a recovering Windows user. :D

    I recently purchased a MBP (April 2010) for photo editing and such, and have essentially switched over totally to using a Mac.

    However, I've been slowly working on earning the MCITP Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator certification, and am starting to realize that perhaps having the ACSP certification would be of benefit, especially on integrating OSX into Active Directory.

    Would appreciate any thoughts as to the benefit of Apple certifications in general, and the above in particular.
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    Apple Training and Certification

    The above is not cheap but those with Apple Certifications can earn big bucks since more businesses are buying Macs (plus Linux) and corporate IT people are basically clueless outside of Windows.

    I feel you probably should get some Mac technical books/videos at O'Rielly media, Lynda Training,, Apple ProTips and ScreenCastsOnline.

    These are just some sites I can think of the top of my head.

    Now in 10.6 getting onto a Active Directory Domain can be easy if you are a Administrator. Just make a local Administrator account for emergencies. Then To add an account to the Server 2008 Domain account just open System Preferences->Accounts, Login Options and in right hand pane hit the 'Join' button and add the Domain credentials (follow you nose with an Admin account and let you finger do the walking). If you run into any problems the with their excellent reader reports on the right hand of the page and find answers that other Administrators have reported (that are just like you putting lone Macs in Windows Domains).

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