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    I found a Apple 2 computer at a yard sale for 5.00 dollars. They said it didn’t work. So I get home with it. The first thing i do take it all apart and blow out all the dust. Just didn’t won’t to plug it without doing so. So I look at everything to make sure it looks aright I find a bad spot on the power. Cord. I fix that. So assuming that’s all was wrong with it. I plug it in powers up everything works great. How much is something like that worth?
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    MacRumors has a section for vintage Apple or pre-Macintosh computers, that being Apple Collectors.

    As for what your Apple II is worth, it really depends on the model. You can really only get thousands for an original 1977/1978 model such as the one @EugW linked above (those are highly collectable now), but there are several later and more common models: Apple II Plus, IIe, IIc, IIGS. $5 is a great price even for one of the later ones, which can still fetch $50-200+ depending on the model and condition.
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    Post some pics!
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    Ebay valuation is best determined by searching "sold items". People will ask thousands for things that are worth a couple of hundred. Whether they get it--that's the important thing.

    the highest prices are reserved for complete, mint systems, often with rare accessories. For instance-- a iigs with transwarp card. It's much faster than a stock gs, and more usable, but transwarp cards were expensive at the time, and very rare today.

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