Apple 23" Cinema Display Or 24" Dell..?


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Sep 6, 2006
Hi guys..

My old 21" CRT just broke down, so now im in a desperate need of a new display. I´ve narrowed my search down to: 23" ACD and 24" Dell, (Living in Denmark, so prices are quite different to the US market)

My thoughts and worries:

1. Im worried about the bad reviews and the reported banding issues with the 2407 (even on A02 models)... is the A03 shipping, and did they fix the probs.?
2. I will be doing some occational gaming, is the refresh rate on the ACD to slow?
3. Is it bad timing to go for the ACD, old tech compared to the dell ?
4. New ACD model on tuesday..?? If so, would they raise the price ?
5. I´ll be doing 3d work and photoediting, so color accuracy is somewhat important

Danish Prices btw:
ACD 1460 usd,
Dell 1305 usd - So not so much of a difference there.. :rolleyes:


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May 2, 2005
Wow, Danish prices are insane. You need to get yourself a plane ticket over here :p

The Dell has had some reported problems with banding, although Dell has acknowledged the problem and is supposedly fixing it.(Might already be fixed, in fact.) From what I hear, the 23'' ACDs no longer have the pink tint.

The refresh rate will be fine for you, especially since you "game occaisionally". 14ms is fine for most people.


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Aug 8, 2004
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If the prices were that close in the US I would definately say get the ACD. In the US, there is a much larger gap though so here the Dell is much more worth it. Also, I'm not sure that the ACD will be updated soon since they just dropped prices. Apple is sooooo slow to update their monitors.


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Apr 17, 2004
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I would hold that decision for another week or so.

We might be seeing new displays.

I have nothing but praise for my Dell 2405 FPW, but I've heard the 2407's
are not as good.

The 23" ACD has had issues as well, so you might want to hold just a bit longer.


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Nov 13, 2002
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I agonized over it recently and went with the ACD.

Two reasons.

1) I hate Dell, and it'll be a cold dark day in hell before I buy something from them, regardless of the savings.

2) ACD has built in USB and Firewire ports that will make my life a bit easier on a few things placed on my desk.

Right now since my Mac Pro isn't here yet it's hooked to a Sony RC110G PC that has several fun games I love to play on it like WoW, Battlefield 2, and Call of Duty 2.

I've noticed no problems with the video display as far as ghosting or lag or whatever, works great. However my video card is an ATI x300 and it can't drive it at full 1900x1200 with respetable frame rates, not sure if that'd make a difference.


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Sep 6, 2006

Thanks for the great feedback... :)

Well, it looks like i´ll be getting the ACD then :)
...But I guess I´ll have to wait till tuesday since i´ll be kicking myself if I spend 1400$ on a display that´ll be outdated a week after i buy it...

So the big question is.. Would they be raising the prices for the new 23"/24" ACD (It would seem logical to use the 24" iMac panel in a new ACD.. Right ??)


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May 30, 2006
Danish user here and I just bought the Apple Cinema Display 23" . . .

It's really a beauty and, like the others, I wouldn't be seen alive with a Dell part on my hands ;)

Feel free to ask any questions, should you have any :)

I highly doubt they would release new models this coming tuesday but if it happens, we can return the monitor for a full refund or get the new one.


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Aug 29, 2006
sorry, but apple just upgraded their 23 inch monitor as well as the 20 to much better specs--read below

they also dropped the price, why would they release a new model less than a month after they updated the specs and made it cheaper!? maybe they might introduce a bigger model.

if it makes you feel better, i just bought 2 acd's earlier this week, and they should be here tomorrow =D

and ill quote

What am I talking about? Both the 20 and 23 inch screens have the same contrast ratio as the 30 incher (700:1, up from 400:1) and they both are brighter. The 20 inch now has a brightness of 300 cd/m2 (from 250 cd/m2) and the 23 checks in at 400 cd/m2 (from 270 cd/m2).

i currently own the dell 2405 fpw, its the only monitor i can use with a pc and mac together (the acd's only have dvi/vga)

the dell is crazy bright, i cant stand to boot into linux on my pc, because the brightness blinds me, and my spyder 2 does not work in linux.

but anyway i think your safe, if i thought they were going to upgrade (more than they did last month) i wouldnt of upgraded.

since your going to be doing photowork, buy the apple, and get a spyder 2 or something similar.

good luck!