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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MacMyDay, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Oct 3, 2003
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    I'm currently away from work for the weekend, but bought my PowerBook so I could get some work done in the mornings and late evenings, which would have been absolutely fantastic. But, the charger has stopped working, so I've looked absolutely everywhere for a replacement from a local store via Apple's Authorised Resellers, and not a single person sells the adapter. None of the large high street names (John Lewis, Argos, Currys, PC World) even sell it. Why the hell not? On 54 people have rated it and it has an average rating of 1 1/2 because of breaking so much. Why does no one sell it? And, in an attempt to find a useful answer, I've read you can get 65W replacements that are 3rd party. Can anyone advise me toward one? I only need it for 2 days, and to be fair, if my PowerBook dies after 2 days as a result, I don't care.

    Sorry for the negative approach, but I'm sure people can understand my frustation. I'll have to travel over 400 miles to go home if I can't get one this evening.
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    I've just got off the phone to Apple on this very subject. My 2001 iBook needed a new adapter a month ago, so I got onto the AppleStore by phone and ordered one. It was a 65W model. After 2 weeks, our puppy had chewed through the lead, so I had to order another.:mad:
    So I ordered another from the website. This turned out to be an 85W one for a MacBook, so I called - just now - to get it changed for the 65W. First they told me the 65W didn't exist, then told me it was too much for the iBook. I have been referred to a firm called Honeylight or Honeylite(?) on 0208 871 4187, which must be somewhere in the Putney direction, who make one of the right wattage.
    Whether there's any info in this rambling tale of use to you, I don't know, but there you are. If you want the 65W one from the AppleStore, it's part no. M8943B/A: APPLE PORTABLE POWER ADAPTER 65W-GBR, and it was 46.50
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    Cambridge, England
    Oh, believe me, I know your frustration. Coincidentally, I used to have a 2001 iBook, and the charger also broke on that. It took a month for a replacement to turn up, as they kept sending the wrong item. I received the wrong replacement 3 times. I can't remember the 2nd time, but I received initially a plug, then something, and then an old iBook charger that wouldn't work before they got it right. I think I'm going to have to go back to the office and use the Intel iMac, it seems. I was considering just buying a Mac Mini (could do with one purely as a back-up server) to use for the next 2 days, but it seems quite a drastic and impetous decision, which I'll probably regret.
    The price of £56 (on their website) for a charger is absurd, and the Macbook charger is £59 as well, so when I buy one of them later in the year, I will be pi**ed off if it breaks.
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    Apr 29, 2006
    Hello, newbie here. I was looking through these threads trying to find an answer to a question, and just happened on this thread, and thought I'd drop a note that I recently bought a 65W adapter from Mine works great so far, and it was much less expensive than a lot of ones I've seen online. Hope that helps!

    By the way, would anyone know if a Panasonic combo drive (UJDA760) would fit a g4 12 inch ibook?


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    Jan 24, 2006
    Buying a mini for two days of use would be insane. Although.. you could return it after and just take the 10% hit in price. Except you need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. However, that's a little drastic if you ask me.

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