Apple Academic prices vary ?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by pscraig, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Had a friend who goes to ASU (Arizona State) tell me he bought Apple Aperture 3 at the campus bookstore for $69.99. I went to my bookstore (VA Tech) and they don't stock that title, so I dropped in to an Apple Store while visiting friends near Washington DC. They offered me an academic price of $179.99 which was quite a shock considering what I was expecting. For that I'll just stick with iPhoto.

    Why does Apple have academic pricing that varies so widely? I looked online for some of the academic vendors and none carry Aperture, so is there some special arrangement with some schools to sell software for less?

    This is disappointing since Adobe, Microsoft and others offer huge discounts for most of their products.
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    All academic pricing for any software varies greatly school by school.

    For example, at DeVry, I can get Adobe Master Collection for $400, at Penn State, I'd get it for $800 or $900

    I think it all has to do with a deal with the school and those companies. I'm not sure how it all works.
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    Person above me summed it up.

    I really have no idea, but I'd think that it really varies based on Apple's decision. For example, they'd give a different discount to a school that was mostly Windows than they would a school that is mostly Apple.
    Depends on how loyal the faculty/school/students are to Apple.
    I dunno Apple's thoughts on discounts, so I don't know if they give larger discounts to Windows schools (to try and convert) or larger discounts to Apple schools (to show appreciation for loyalty).

    But I just think that that is how Apple selects it. I know that my former high school's faculty members could get the largest possible discounts, even larger than that of certain colleges and universities. The university I'm attending in fall has the largest possible discounts, larger than other colleges or universities.

    So it kind of depends school to school.

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