Apple Address Book - Print Address Labels?

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    Simple question I have been unable to google an answer for guys/gals... Does the apple address book app print contacts/address labels. What I am trying to do is print out my contacts names/addresses onto the precut address stickers for our wedding/save the date invitations (no calligrapher for us lol). There HAS to be an easy way to do this from this application...???

    I am running the latest version of address book/leopard fyi.

    Thanks in advance -

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    You can print sheets of mailing labels from your address book.

    In the Address Book window, select your address book or a group in the Group column, or select the specific names in the Name column that you want to print.
    Only contacts that have street addresses will be printed.

    Choose File > Print.
    Choose Mailing Labels from the Style pop-up menu.
    Configure the other print options as you want, then click Print.
    Click Layout and choose a type of label from the Page pop-up menus. If you choose Define Custom, you can specify how many labels to print on a page and set the page margins and the gutter space between labels.

    Click Label and choose the type of address you want to use from the Addresses pop-up menu. Choose the order to print the labels using the "Print in" pop-up menu. You can add a small graphic to your mailing labels by clicking the image Set button. Change the font by clicking the font Set button.

    If contacts in the group you selected have multiple addresses, you can choose which address to use for each contact. Click Cancel to close the Print dialog. Then choose Edit > Edit Distribution List and select the addresses you want to use.

    You cannot print directly from network directories. To print address book information for contacts in network directories, drag the contacts to your personal address book.

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