Apple aiport networking query (and issue)

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    Nov 1, 2013
    Hi there folks, my first post, so be gentle.

    Here is the set-up:

    Airport extreme base station (not the latest gen, the one before that, 4th?)
    Airport express (1st gen)
    Apple tv
    Macbook (2008 Intel Core duo)
    iPad mini
    iPhone 4s

    My main query relates to airplay and exactly have the traffic is routed.

    My airport extreme base staion is broadcasting the broadband connection over a simple wireless network. The airport express has joined that network as a range extender. I am using anacronyms in () for the purposes of easier referral below..

    The base station is physically located on the ground floor (BS)
    The airport extreme is located on the 1st floor (AE1)
    The apple tv is on the second floor (AT)

    My flatmate ALSO has an airport extreme in his room on the first floor, operating in extension mode. (AE2

    From looking at airport utility, I can see my apple tv is connecting to my flatmates airport express and my other devices where the stream comes from tend to jump around now again between my airport express and his.

    I am using the apple tv without a television, purely in its capacity to support airplay. I have a toslink cable running out of it into a DAC, then into a hi-fi.

    I stream the music from my mac / iPad / iPhone to the apple tv.

    So my query is regarding the route the stream is taking.

    Lets assume my source device for the stream is my mac (M), and that it is currently connected to AE1

    Is it:
    a) M -> AE1 -> BS -> AE2 -> AT


    b) M -> AE1 -> AE2 -> AT


    c) M -> AT

    Or in some other configuration ?

    Reason for my query is that I am experiencing frequent drop outs when streaming music to the apple tv. I am considering running a ethernet over powerline solution from the base station up to the 2nd floor and hard wiring the apple tv. But before I do, i need to know if the traffic even passes through the base staion on its way to the apple tv.

    If you are wondering why AE1 exists at all, it is to provide wi-fi range to a blackspot in the corner of a room that has a chimney stack.

    If I do implement the powerline solution, I was then thinking of putting a new gen airport extreme in and running an ethernet cable from the powerline outlet into the WAN port of the express, thereby extending the network into the second floor wirelessely. I could then ditch AE1, in the hope that the new AE (AE3) would broadcast over to the blackspot.

    Or perhaps that is one step too far...
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    Aug 6, 2007
    What??? What exactly is this post about?

    Airplay is pretty unreliable when the network isn't robust. If you are trying to cobble together a bunch of old hardware to play music, use ethernet wherever possible.

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