Apple among app developers and designers increasingly uninteresting?

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by oeifmd39, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. oeifmd39 macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2019
    Hi I've been using iPhones for a long time.

    But I noticed. Apple is no longer so popular with designers and app developers. Many of these apps ran fastest on iOS devices than on Android. But since 3 years or more almost all apps run under high-end Android smartphones, faster, smoother and look better.

    Even all the everyday apps under iOS are decaying more and more. Almost only apps with subscriptions are updated regularly, but they are financed by big companies or investors.

    The apps of independent developers who are more likely to appear in these areas Video player, music player, download manager, network tools, widget, file explorer, code editor, pdf viewer, text viewer, alternative web browsers, jailbreak info, adblocker, etc... Almost everyone has left the iOS platform a long time ago and only very few update their apps yet.

    Under Android you will find many more apps in these areas, which are also strongly supported by the community and they are typical apps that consumers like to use. Outside of Games and Messenger app.

    Not to forget, the Android users can also test the alpha or beta version of many apps e.g games app (Plants vs. Zombie 3) before the app is released. So the community helps to make the Android apps better and more beautiful. Example Whatsapp under Android. Looks much better than under iOS.

    In iOS many apps look very monotonous. Hardly any colors or shadows like back then.
  2. ZachApple macrumors newbie

    Mar 17, 2019
    In my experience though there may not be as much excitement in the development community as in the past, iOS is still far superior in consistency and ease of use.

    The issue with every new Android model running unique software configurations is just that, every model is running a unique configuration.

    As a developer, the biggest issue I run into is inconsistent behavior of code. Out of a whole table of different currently sold Samsung models, almost none of them interpret the code properly, and usually fail in different ways per device (yet the $30 LG prepaid executes the code just fine).

    Whenever I have to deal with Android, it makes me very happy to return to Xcode and the Apple development ecosystem.
  3. wucepoi macrumors newbie

    Aug 13, 2019

    they are developers for both platforms.

    but I've been wondering for a long time why Android apps are faster. I think it started with iOS 7 or iOS 9. I'm not quite sure. I've only become a real iOS user with iOS 6 (then very long pause) and iOS 12.

    Here I found some current videos.

    That the Android devices that are much cheaper and some mid-range Android phones have much weaker processors and can even beat the iPhone XS on some apps.

    Gaming apps have long known that iPhones can't keep up with the competition's current flagships.

    Samsung Galaxy A70 vs iPhone XS speedtest. Here you can see how a middle class android mobile phone is faster with normal apps like App Store, Facebook, browser, Instagram, Skype, Netflix, Twitter or Snapchat.

    Redmi K20 Pro vs iPhone XS Max. here you can even see. a current android device, which costs much less and is faster in all areas. not only normal apps, but also games app.
  4. wucepoi macrumors newbie

    Aug 13, 2019
    I found more videos where can see more clearly with daily apps.
    and high-end android devices from 2018.

    Unfortunately iPhone XS Max always loses. No matter if Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, eBay, rendering website, Snapchat.

    In the games app not always, but sometimes.


    I also tested my daily apps (Spotify, Soundcloud, Airbnb, Tinder, Dropbox, Twitch, Discord etc..) and took Xiaomi Mi 9 for comparison. The iPhone XS Max is slower when opening the apps.

    Probably Apple won't improve iPhone 11 Pro either. Because I've already seen videos where users on youtube have installed their iPhone XS Max with current iOS 13 beta. According to Apple, the apps should start up to 2x times faster, but it wasn't faster against the Android devices. Almost the same as under iOS 12.

    The competition like Google or Huawei have not introduced their devices yet. Samsung has already.

    When do benchmark (GPU) afterwards, then the performance of the iPhone XS Max sings enormously. I don't know if Apple thought about it, but they should seriously consider to adapt their devices design. e.g. add an extremely innovative battery technology and cooling system in the device for game apps or other demanding tasks.
  5. wucepoi macrumors newbie

    Aug 13, 2019
    Now I have also tested some iOS apps with subscription with my iPhone XS. Not to forget iOS System has much less features than Android.

    Nevertheless the apps with subscription don't run faster, more stable or smoother than under Android. Mostly slower and less features.

    I have always thought or many my friends think. If the app developers get good regular funding (by subscription). Then it happens automatically that the iOS apps are really very well optimized. Or big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter optimize their iOS apps. But the reality is different. Many just want to make a profit.

    I heard a long time ago about some Apple developers or iOS users. What Tim Cook most likely really has in mind for Apple.

    We mustn't forget. Apple itself wants to see more subscriptions from developers. Why?

    Because the only thing the apple leadership still wants is to get richer. Because their customers (user) are not us. But the shareholders, companies on the stock exchange that work together with Apple and investors are the real customers of Apple!

    Hence the focus on subscriptions in the App Store. It was never about quality!

    that makes iOS/Apple platform unattractive, unappealing and boring for developers and users. Has a big negative impact on the Apple brand.

    Probably one of the reasons why the Android Apps, Android devices and Android platform are getting better and better.

    One more thing. I suspect by such behavior. Apple developers, Apple designers, Apple engineers etc... don't work well. They don't give her the best anymore. Therefore also the whole performance and design problems etc...
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    This thread is nothing but a complete uninformed anti-apple circle jerk full of made up BS. Anyone who has actually done mobile development (myself included) knows you have to constantly make compromises for Android because it's simply not as powerful. That's not a slam against Android, it's just a side effect of Android needing to work on a wide range of hardware. Android can't do the same under the hood optimizations iOS can nor can it have custom processing units like what runs Metal.

    Then again, I shouldn't be surprised with two brand new accounts making dubious opinionated claims like this.

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