Apple and Adobe are competitors how?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by koruki, May 6, 2010.

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    Been reading all the arguments lately about Apple dropping flash and Adobe complaining Apple abusing their power to hurt competition.

    The argument is why a user would pay for an app (which is usually $1) if they can get it free through the flash platform. Fair enough, except the app store offers FREE apps which apple makes no money on. If a developer is willing to deploy their software for free on flash, they'd deploy it free in the app store. Adobe makes money from flash by selling the flash building software, software which doesnt compete with apple..? Did I miss something?:confused:
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    You missed basically the entire argument :p. The changing of the developer agreement had absolutely nothing to do with an actual flash runtime on the iPhone.

    As far as the technical aspect I think I have it OK but someone will correct me for sure.

    Basically consider the Flash program for development (on OS X or Windows). Adobe wanted to make it so that you could create applications in flash and export them to to run natively on the iPhone (NOT in flash) just like any other program. Infact, i heard apps like South Parks "Imaginationland" were built in flash, but I can't find any solid evidence.

    Apple doesn't want this for two reasons.

    1) If devs are free to use whatever the hell they want to code then (Apple claims that) the user experience won't be consistent

    2 (main reason) ) Jobs doesn't want developers being able to make cross platform applications with any sort of ease. If flash or any IDE (development environment) can export to multiple platforms then it's a threat to individual device makers because there is no exclusivity.

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