Apple and Google have the power to change the industry

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Darthdingo, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Dec 11, 2010
    The phone carrier pricing and phone selection in the U.S. is screwed up in my opinion. If you want the iPhone your stuck with ATT for now. If you want an Android, where do you even begin to look, so many options it is overwhelming for the non tech geek newb.

    In my perfect world this would be great to see. Follow the plan that Google first announced with Nexus-One, but never happened, release the same identical phone on all 4 major U.S. carriers, only difference being the radios to allow them to work on each carrier. Then us, the consumer wins, we just choose the best carrier for the best price, and network in your town. Then there would be some major competition on monthly plans. None of this insane $100+ per month for a single smart phone unlimited. That is just insane, and Europe and Asia don't pay anywhere near that kind of pricing.

    And I would like to see it done this way.

    Every Christmas time, Google comes out with their hot new Nexus brand phone, will be the latest and "pure" OS, untouched by carrier bloatware. And release it for all 4 major carriers at the same time, and would be the exact same phone for everyone. Then the consumer chooses who they want to have for their service. Then in the Summer, Apple comes out with their hot new iPhone, with the best hardware for the time. And release that new iPhone across all 4 major carriers too, being the exact same phone, and again the consumer just decides who they want purchase service from.

    Seemed like Google was so close to doing that last year with the Nexus-One...they did release it on T-Mobile first, then an ATT 3G version, and Verizon + Sprint were in a holding pattern, and pulled the plug. I bet the carriers did not like this idea, they knew what would happen eventually = major competition for the same phone, would have to lower their plan pricing, and they said NO !!!
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    Most of what you just mentioned, people are already trying to make happen thru the court system. Not sure what type of luck they are having at this point.

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