Apple and Google/Youtube synergy

Discussion in 'macOS' started by juanm, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Just one of the many thoughts that randomly go forth and back thru my head...
    Oh, by the way, I'm not sure if I used the word synergy correctly... :eek:

    We're now about seeing Youtube on Apple TV. And Google maps on the iPhone.

    I guess the next version of Photo Booth will allow video recording in the same way. I can imagine that somehow will allow us to upload our own dumb videos really seamlessly to Youtube. Maybe some kind of .mac and Google/Youtube integration? Way to make an easy video blog, isn't it? Just launch Photo Booth, record your movie with the integrated iSight. If needed, edit it in iMovie (probably getting updated to allow greater integration) and upload to your .Mac-youtube enhanced-google powered account.

    I can definitely see a GPS chip integrated in the Macbook Pros, and on a 2nd Gen iPhone. In my humble opinion, there's a real lack of GPS software for Mac (there are, but nothing integrated). There are pc software offerings gallore out there.

    I can also easily see gps chips becoming more and more frequent in the Pro category Digital cameras. For press agencies, it would ease authenticity verification. And from within iPhoto, or some kind of iMac, we'd be able to publish a picture on Google Earth about any event (something like filling a "Publish this picture on Google Earth" case and clicking "ok"). It could be done privately too. In the same way there are private web galleries on .Mac, just private galleries you can see from the Google Apps.

    Do you have any ideas or thoughts about what this alliance could bring to the market in the future?
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    I think this may lead to a lot more Apple/Google synergy, such as:

    • Apple and Google sharing and using each other's ads
    • Apple and Google integrating their respective services to make both better value for the money
    • Google developing MUCH more Mac software
    • Apple developing software that fully supports applicable Google services

    I also like the ideas you mentioned.
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    The next version of iLife bing e delayed could be because of adding Google and Youtube intergration.

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