Apple and Intel to build new multicore x86/iOS microprocessors

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Marx55, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I am posting this here because I cannot on above sections.

    This is interesting (excerpt):

    For Apple to retain its brand leadership, it needs to co-architect and be first to market with a new multicore processor that combines Intel x86 and process technology with a future A6 that includes Apple’s specified graphics. The multi-core solution will run both iOS and MAC OS. These processors will be built in 14nm and out the door late 2013 or 1H 2014. Intel will build a family of A6/x86 combo processors to allow low to moderately priced CPUs. Apple will have sole rights to the chips and can hide from its competitors the true cost of the CPUs. Apple MAC based PC will drop in price. On Intel’s side, they can continue to serve legacy x86 markets without a price conflict.

    Source: Apple Roadmaps Intel to 14nm
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    I would like to see this just because it would mean an explosion of Mac software. Plus developers can make Mac software the same way they would make iOS software.

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