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Apple and OpenTV Enter Patent License Agreement Under Undisclosed Financial Terms


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Apr 12, 2001

The Kudelski Group today announced that it has "entered into a comprehensive patent license agreement" with Apple, stating that both parties agree to finally dismiss all current and pending patent litigation. The case stems from an original lawsuit back in 2014 that saw software maker OpenTV -- a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kudelski Group -- sue Apple in a German court due to its alleged violation of three streaming video patent violations.

OpenTV kept going after Apple throughout the years, with a lawsuit filed in the United States in 2015 that focused on five new patent violations enacted by the Cupertino company, including the claim that iTunes infringes upon one of its patents. Earlier this year, the same German court from the original 2014 case ruled that Apple violated OpenTV's digital streaming patents and was subsequently ordered to cease selling products that included software potentially infringing on OpenTV's patents, namely the iPhone and iPad.

OpenTV was founded in 1994 and sees its primary business focused on the creation of operating systems and software for set-top-boxes. The company is currently focused on its broadcast and digital television platform -- also called OpenTV -- that's available as an on-demand video service for users around the world. Although the turmoil between Apple and OpenTV appears to be dying down, the specific financial terms reached between the two companies weren't disclosed in today's announcement.

Article Link: Apple and OpenTV Enter Patent License Agreement Under Undisclosed Financial Terms


Oct 21, 2008
Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!
So in other words Apple lost and to stop being sued even more, or have its products blocked from sale in Europe, it's been forced to join in patent licenses and pay its way.
And if the amounts aren't made public you can bet they are high for Apple.

When you win shout about it, when you lose hide it.

I guess the patents Apple breached are to do with streaming from an iOS device to the Apple TV???
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