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    I got an Sony Ereader 600 touch for Christmas, well my first problem is I cannot get my credit card to go through Sony's "library", which is odd, I can not choose "visa, amex, MC, Discover" there is no where to click the option. I have tried many cards and nothing works. I am not sure what the problem is. Anyway, is there any program better then using Sony's? I have downloaded, something called "Calibre" but I have not really messed with it since I was already annoyed by looking things up and trying to get a card to work. I plan to call Sony to see what's up, but you guys always seem good about finding a better way, plus I doubt Sony will help much.
    I am looking for an easy way to buy books and get them on the ereader, pretty simple. I hope they get it like Itunes, quick. Sony has a download called 3.1, being new I don't have a clue what it did. PC people do not seem to have any problems, so I would think their is a Apple friendly way to fix this problem. Of all the things they have messed up they have the credit card system a mess, which just seems odd of all things.
    Any help on making ereaders in general easier would be awesome. I thought this would be a simple thing, and I am pretty apple savy, but this has me really confused.
    Thanks for your help!
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