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    Many people are upset with the changes happening at Apple, it seems Apple is taking a new road and some folks are no longer happy with the ride.

    As I attempt to understanding what is taking place, it occurs to me that we have a group of people, we'll call them the "old generation" (no reference to age), who were happy being in the power user or tinkerer camp and became devoted to Apple because the products suit their habits.

    We now have an upcoming generation, we'll call them the "new generation", which has different needs - they're more interested in media and socializing and less concerned about spending hours "under the hood" creating a power machine. I may be wrong, but I'm blaming the internet for this.

    Apple, as a company, must focus on revenue in order to remain relevant. The old generation has already bought their computers but this new generation serves as potential income for the company, so Apple must change the way they do things in order to be attractive to this new generation. The old generation isn't going to be around forever, so Apple must appeal to the group with the highest potential for revenue.

    I suppose Apple could create the new products along side the older devices, but that requires more than just creating the machines - research and development, maintenance and upkeep, new technologies, storage, etc, all require resources and Apple must find a balance somewhere.

    There will inevitably come a time when it is best to remove the old and embrace the new, and I feel Apple may slowly be doing just that. Of course, this has the potential to upset some of the old generation, but we cannot have growth without change.. and change almost always comes at a price.

    One of my personal rules is that, when I become comfortable with something, is to always keep this phrase in the back of my mind; "this will not last forever, someday I will be required to make a change". This helps me avoid becoming too comfortable with any one thing in life.

    I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm just trying to express what I'm seeing.

    Thanks for reading.
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    To the staff member who moved this thread: Thank you, and I apologize for creating it in the wrong forum.
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    Well, I'm hardly a fan of the direction that Apple is heading, but c'est la vie. I'll try to manage the best I can, and curse them all along the way until I can contrive a better solution.

    Anyway, I thought this comic was amusingly apropo on a few levels.

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    Choices..It's all about choices.

    go down ya own road

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