apple and there 5 star customer service.

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    I'm writing to get a bit of advice in regards to an issue I have with the apple retail store at present...

    I bought a Macbook Pro 2.66Ghz Anti Glare etc for £1600.00 it was subsequently faulty and I returned it to the apple store and they were generally helpful and gave me a refund onto a gift card.

    I accept the gift card as i was going to purchase another unit but ti was going to get it off the education store as we get an extra warranty in regards to the apple care.

    I called up apple when i got back from London(I live in canterbury) and they told me on the online education store i would not be able to use the gift card online.

    I then travelled back to london the following week and spoke to the store again they agreed that this had been a fault and arranged for a bacs transfer to go back into my bank account. this was done on the 24th of October.

    under the terms and conditions at the back of the receipt it says transfers should be within 10 working days which were up by the time I had to call the apple store on saturday morning which I was then told i would get a call back which didn't materialize i then on saturday afternoon went to the apple store traveling again from canterbury to London.

    Once at the store they pulled up the transfer from there system and i noticed it says pending. i asked why this was they looked at the account numbers and whoever had sanctioned the bacs transfer had missed a digit on my account number(basically he put wrong account number in) although he read it from my bank card.

    I was then told they couldn't give me my money in cash and that they couldn't do an instant bacs transfer as the banks were closed etc.

    I agreed for a while but got annoyed and had friends waiting so decided to tae there offer of them promising to deal with it first thing on monday morning.

    to the managers praise he did call me as soon as he could(only after i had rang) this was due to them having to call apple hq in america... although i thought uk based operations were in Ireland?

    anyway i now keep getting told they are waiting on banks or to they will get back to me.

    I think this is ridiculous but im not sure what else to do. I'm a keen apple user and normally there products are great I have an imac, iphone 4, mobile me for past 3 years etc but this has made me thing again regarding them/this.

    sorry if i ranted this has left me with £20 at present im a student and im not very happy.

    any help with how to proceed or quicken this up would be very much appreciated.
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    Apr 29, 2010
    Sounds like another one of those Canterbury Tales...
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    Sep 21, 2010
    Someone made a typo. It happens, and it has no bearing on the quality of the product.

    Personally, I would never accept a gift card on a return unless I paid with a gift card. That was a small mistake on your part I think. I'm not trying to blame you though; this is clearly the fault of some Apple employees.

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