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Apr 12, 2001

During WWDC 2022, Apple today announced new features and improvements to Family Sharing, including a long-awaited feature that lets families easily share photos and videos in the Shared Library.


As part of iOS 16, Apple is making it easier for parents to manage their kids' accounts, including adjusting age-appropriate restrictions and quick setup. With Quick Setup, simply put a new device near your iPhone to quickly and easily set up a new device for kids.

The biggest addition to Family Sharing in iOS 16 is iCloud Shared Photo Library, which gives families a new way to easily share photos and videos. In the Share Library, all edits, additions, and deletes are synced across all devices.
A user can also choose to send photos to the Shared Library automatically using a new toggle in the Camera app. Additionally, users will receive intelligent suggestions to share a photo that includes participants in the Shared Photo Library. Every user in the Shared Photo Library has access to add, delete, edit, or favorite the shared photos or videos, which will appear in each user's Memories and Featured Photos so that everyone can relive more complete family moments.

Article Link: Apple Announces New Features for Family Sharing, Including Shared iCloud Library
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Aug 1, 2011
Was there any mention if setting up a Shared Photo Library means you lose more storage from iCloud (on top of storing the original photo in your normal library)
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Mar 16, 2004
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We have been waiting for a proper shared photo library for so long. My wife just despises how things work today making her feel like a second class digital citizen whereas she never has the current photo library on her phone. Assuming they get the basic functionality right, this will make my life as the family computer guru so much easier.


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Dec 13, 2012
Finally a shared photos library. i am curious to find out how they manage it when eg i start to share the old vacations my wife already has on her phone. Where will this library be saved if you use two individual storage plans? Questions over questions.


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Mar 20, 2022
Longmont, CO
Was there any mention if setting up a Shared Photo Library means you lose more storage from iCloud (on top of storing the original photo in your normal library)
Highly doubtful. This requires shared iCloud+ storage in a family plan, the photos in the shared library are the same photos that you took in your personal library, and they are all stored in a single iCloud+ storage bucket.


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Jan 14, 2017
Brisbane, Australia
Two things I now realise from this time-wasting process of simply wanting to share my photo library with my wife via iCloud:
  • Unless family memers' iPhones are sycing Photos to iCloud, none of this will work. Dodgy cashgrab eh? This requires Cloud backup of all family phones, hence more storage. Yes I have shared my 50GB iCloud+ storage with her, but that's really not the point. Clearly it fills up quickly & clearly there is no good reason for her to do this, simply to share MY photos library & she already syncs & backs up to her Mac Air.
  • After all this, there is NO way to share My Albums organisation of those photos - all those dated & labelled 'My Albums' cannot be seen by her, or even veiwed in iCloud 'Shared Libraries'. Completely useless, this was the ONLY reason to share my photos. This is also not mentioned by Apple in any of the setup instructions or marketing lit. Unsurprising. All my wife can do is scrolll though thousands of uncategorised photos.
So unless you understand these two caveats that Apple do not identify, then don't do it & don't pay for this nothingburger: i) ALL your phones must be usiing iCloud storage and ii) Shared My Albums does not work.
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