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May 16, 2006
I have purchased Leopard and want to install it. I'll be doing Erase and Install and moving files over from my bootable backup. I have but a few questions:

1) How do I transfer over my iTunes library, keeping play counts, album artwork, EQ settings, etc?

2) How do I transfer over my iPhoto library, keeping slideshows, groupings, etc?

3) How do I transfer my Safari bookmarks?

4) How do I transfer my Address Book contacts?

5) How do I transfer over my iCal data?

Thank you very much for an insight.


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Mar 10, 2007
I'm very interested in doing a clean install and moving data for Mail and iTunes--including preferences--but without using the Migration Assistant. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

Having said that...

I have found the data under "username"->Library->Mail and "username"->Library->Mail Downloads.

iTunes Data is under "username"->Music.

I copied that data over to a fresh install but the preferences didn't move with them. I had to set up each mail account before the mail would show up. And I had to let iTunes find the music before it would recognize it. Though, the play count did transfer. And my purchases showed up.

So basically, I don't know where the preferences are kept.

Hopefully someone in the know will answer all these questions.


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Feb 2, 2007
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the application preferences are kept in the preferences folder in your home library. basically just backup everything that has the apps name in it and then restore is when in leopard.
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