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Apr 12, 2001


AppShopper notes that Apple approved nearly 1400 iPhone and iPod touch applications last Friday, by far the largest number approved in a single day in the past few months. Over 300 of the approved applications were games, creating a host of new selections for consumers to choose from and continuing to feed Apple's emphasis on gaming for its mobile devices.
At the end of last week we saw a massive number of App approvals on the iTunes App Store. This resulted in a over 1300 apps (of which over 300 were games) appearing in one day alone. We had heard Apple had had quite a back log of approvals, so hopefully, they have cleared the queue for now.
Apple on Friday also launched the App Store Resource Center for iPhone OS developers, bringing together in one location a series of informational items aiming to help developers prepare for application submission and guide them through the approval process.

Article Link: Apple Approved Nearly 1400 iPhone Apps Last Friday


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Aug 27, 2009
Unfortunately Dropbox still has not been. :( Going on a month now since it was submitted.

Agree. Hard to understand why it takes so long for the Dropbox app. Risk of "bad user experience" or "user confusion" = risk of competition with MonopoleMe?


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Feb 2, 2007
Pasadena CA
Are they still rejecting apps on an arbitrary basis with their utterly broken rating system?

Going on the rejections I've seen - Safari would HAVE to be an 18 rating.


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Going on the rejections I've seen - Safari would HAVE to be an 18 rating.

Safari has it's own restriction in parental controls. What if a parent wanted their child to be able to download free apps from the app store with a 12+ rating but didn't want them to be able to view porn in Safari so they block Safari. Then the kid goes into the app store, installs one of the many free web browsers, which by your position I'm assuming would have a 4+ rating, and then views the pornography? Apple's approach makes sense considering the huge variety in the app store. I still don't understand why people are upset about this. Just because it's a 17+ rating doesn't mean you can't install it yourself. Just like how an R rated movie doesn't keep us out of theatres. We are adults...well a lot of the posters here anyway.


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Sep 21, 2008
I was surprised when the Lite version of our newest game (Suppression) was approved on Sunday... looks like they're kicking it up a notch. They never used to work Sundays.

The last game I submitted (early Sept) was approved in 10 days... recently, an update was approved in 14 days. They're just playing catch-up.


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Nov 26, 2008
California, USA
Gee, I hope the quality of their approval process wasn't compromised. 1400 in one day? How can you possibly thoroughly look at each app? Wait until little Timmy finds Malware trying to sell him dirty images in his new race car video game. We'll see what Steve Jobs has to say about the idea of approving 1400 apps in one day.

Or... perhaps, the apps were being correctly approved by engineers while the head engineer was on vacation, and the head engineer just returned, signed everything off, and approved it.

Mr. Gates

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So , whats the best way to search the mew Apps?
The App store is a total Joke, posting only a select few Apps that Apple seems to think people should buy.
The " NEW " category is nothing new at all ! That $#!t stays up for weeks sometimes, .....Jeez evern up to a month !

How are any developers supposed to get a fair shake with this stupid system?

1400 in ONE Day! ...............How do I as a potential buyer get a look at them or even know about there existence? There needs to be something better.


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Feb 2, 2007
Pasadena CA
I still don't understand why people are upset about this. .

Because the App I've seen rejected is an awesome, education, informative, entirely child safe Astronomy based app - that because it loads Wiki pages ( about astronomy stuff) had to get an ADULT rating.

It's moronic. It's ignorant. It's insulting to devs.

Like so much with Apple - they very very nearly get it right, but jump into the ditch of stupidity at the last second.


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Jun 21, 2006
Loads of crap -
WTF? :confused:
No way could a human actually be reviewing all these apps.....

Fans of pesto
Fans of Yemen
Fans of women
Fans of gophers
Fans of cities
Fans of #insert random word from the internet#

Check out this example.......:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Fans of gophers

Hello, Gophers fans!

This is the application that gets you ALL the inside information about Gophers.

Download now and experience the world of Gophers at your fingertips!

Designed from the bottom up, this feature rich application will keep you informed and entertained. Our award winning team has developed an extremely efficient state-of-the-art interface using proprietary black box technologies. Under the hood, FANS is wired to a global information network that works around the clock scanning millions of relevant data streams. Utilizing advanced data-mining techniques, we tirelessly assemble the most entertaining, up-to-the-minute facts that our users demand.


- News: Every significant newsfeed is cross-scanned minute-by-minute keeping you up to date.
- Tweets: All the latest Gophers tweets, the instant they are posted!
- Chat: The inside place to discuss Gophers with your fellow fans.
- Info: Important background information - "the back story", that gets new fans up to speed.
- Videos: Featuring 20 of the very best videos of Gophers, thanks to our friends at TubeWorks.

Download FANS of Gophers now!

NOTE: A Wi-Fi connection is required to watch videos.
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