Apple asking for charger to be sent in with MacBook repair?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jshbckr, Mar 5, 2008.

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    BACKGROUND STORY (For those who care): My girlfriend went to boot her original (early 2006) MacBook this morning and was greeted with a flashing "?" folder.

    Cue hard drive clicking.

    I try some tricks, boot from a disc and check for life. Nothing.

    So we've got a faulty hard drive on our hands.

    She's bummed because this is the latest in a string of problems: two battery failures, a melting magsafe charger, discolored plastic, ethernet port failure, disc drive damages media...

    We call up Apple Care and they inform us that when we sent in her computer for the ethernet repair, they never fixed the disc drive like we had asked.

    Later, they rattle off the computer specs for verification and say it has 512MB of RAM. This isn't the case, it's got 2x512MB sticks. I ask if it's fine for me to open the RAM slots to verify that it is two 512MB sticks (we've never opened her computer before, and I've never checked her system profiler before now to verify) he says I should.

    I open the bay and notice that the left RAM slot is pretty loose. So let's recap: We've got a faulty HDD, faulty SuperDrive, and a loose RAM slot.

    The guy on the phone sort of disregards the latter two issues and says we should probably just head to our local Apple authorized repair place and get the HDD fixed. So we head over there and talk to the guy. He's got no hard drives on hand, so he'd have to order it. After we mention the other two issues, he tells us that we're probably better off just calling up Apple again and getting a box sent to us.

    I call up Apple Care and speak to someone else. We get everything set up: They are going to check out the HDD, SuperDrive, and RAM slot. They'll send out the box.

    Then the guy instructs me to put the "computer and charger into the box" to send back to them. I do a mental double-take and ask "Wait, you need the charger? I thought that anything besides the computer that is sent won't get returned." and he responds "No, send the computer and the charger with any other cables."

    I later get an e-mail saying "Unless otherwise instructed by an Apple representative, do not include other items, such as the power adapter, as they will not be returned to you."

    He did instruct me to include it, so I will, but it strikes me as an odd request.

    Anyone have a clue why they'd need it?
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    It is a bit odd isn't it. A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I took her MacBook into the Regent Street store in London and we asked if they wanted the charger (basically we couldn't be arsed to carry is around London all day!) and they said no.

    I am only guessing but if they have seen a previous fault with the magsafe they may want to double check it. What I would do is ask to speak to a manager at Apple Care and agree to email him stating that you are returning the power adaptor under their instruction and get him to reply and confirm they know you are returning the adaptor. Also maybe photograph it in the box or something like that before you send it, just incase they get silly over it.

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