Apple Authorised Service Centre misusing their license

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HaruAoki, Dec 3, 2014.

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    Oct 14, 2014
    Hello, I have a question about a Apple Authorised Service Centre "matesrates" misusing their license for repairs. A couple of years ago I took my 2010 iMac into service there due to the hard drive failing (when it was still in warranty)

    They charged for the diagnostics to see what was wrong and they charge me to replace the hard dive they said they were going to put an apple hard dive in but a day later after the replacement was finished when they gave it back they said that they did not end up putting an apple one in and said it will still be fine.

    Less then a year later the hard drive failed again this time took it in to apple they said the hard dive could have been faulty from the said and ended up killing the iMac it self and said they should not have changed me anything for the repair.

    They did not know who to contact about reporting them (i know this is kinder late to ask due to be being a year or so later) but I was wondering if there is a email or number I can to report them about misusing c. ?

    A friend of mine went in there this year to fix there screen since the top right of the screen haves a bad dent on the metal and he wanted to fix it, they said they were going to use 3rd part parts to fix it and it would coast over $4000 to fix when going to apple said they could do it for around $600.

    So I'm wondering how can I report them since I fell like there misusing their license ? What do you guys think ?
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    Report to Apple Support .

    I think you were swindle because if you bought the parts for yourself at MacFixIt.

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